New Caulborn Story & Giveaway

It’s Erika’s birthday over at Badass Book Reviews, and to celebrate she’s hosting a bunch of guest posts & giveaways from writers such as Ilona Andrews, Moira Rogers, and more. And I’m in there too! Instead of a guest post, though, I wrote a short Caulborn story for Erika’s birthday. It’s called Party Crasher – head on over and check it out. You can also enter to win a copy of IMPERIUM!

Happy Birthday, Erika!

IMPERIUM Now Just 99 Cents!

Now you can buy IMPERIUM for the low, low price of just 99 cents from both Amazon and Smashwords. But act now, because at this price, they won’t last long!

Oh, wait. There are infinite copies of e-books, aren’t there. Huh. Well, Badass Book Reviews said that “IMPERIUM was the best 2.99 that you could spend at Amazon” so at 99 cents it must be even better! 🙂

Contest: Spread the Word About Imperium

UPDATE: The contest is now closed. Congratulations to Suzy Turner!


Hey there – how’d you like to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate? I’m trying to spread the word about my new urban fantasy novel, Imperium. You can help and maybe win a prize. Here are the rules:

If you tweet about Imperium and this contest, that gets you one entry.

If you blog about Imperium and this contest, that gets you one entry.

If you post about Imperium and this contest somewhere else, that also gets you one entry.

If you purchased Imperium, that gets you 3 entries.

These are cumulative, so you can have up to 6 chances to win a $25 Amazon gift cert.

Just post a link to each item you’re doing in the comments below so I know that you’ve entered. If you’ve purchased Imperium, you can send in a pic of your Kindle with Imperium shown on the home screen (make sure it’s legible), or you can send in your Amazon or Smashwords receipt. Send either of those things to

A winner will be drawn on July 12, 2011 at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

Good luck to all and thanks for your help!



Intro to the Caulborn

UPDATE: IMPERIUM is available from Amazon and Smashwords now!


If all goes well, IMPERIUM will be released later this week and I wanted to give some insight into the world that my main character, Vincent Corinthos, lives in.

Among other things, Vincent is a Caulborn operative. The Caulborn are a sort of supernatural CIA who keep the peace between paranormals and regular people. The primary requirement to becoming a Caulborn agent is that you need to have been born with a caul. From a biological perspective, this means that a child was born with the amniotic sac wrapped around its head like a veil. Many cultures around the world have legends about these children. Some say that the child will be beautiful, successful, wealthy and lucky. Others say the child can’t drown, or possesses psychic powers. Still others say that the child will rise as a sort of vampire after they die.
Caulborn Insignia
The requirement for a caul comes from this – many paranormal creatures have mental domination capabilities – for example, vampires can  hypnotize people, psychically inclined fae can compel humans into doing their bidding, etc. In Vincent’s world, a caul grants protection against that mental domination, thus enabling a Caulborn to think and act freely even when surrounded by hostile supernatural creatures.

Only 1 in 1,000 children is born with a caul, so agency staffing shortages are a common occurrence. To help with that, the agency also employs normal humans and friendly paranormals in administrative and support roles. In the Boston office where Vincent works, the medical staff are regular people, and the resident computer hacker is a gremlin.

The insignia on the cover of IMPERIUM symbolizes the protection granted by a caul. The Greek character psi represents the mind, and it’s emblazoned on a shield, thus giving you a mind shield. This insignia serves as the Caulborn’s official seal, and can be found on certain documents and artifacts.

If you’d like to learn more about what the Caulborn do in my version of Boston, check out IMPERIUM.