Meet Doc Graystone

I’m proud to announce my newest series, the Doc Graystone Adventures. Each novelette follows the adventures of Dr. Grant Graystone, gentleman necromancer. Set in the early 1930’s, these stories were inspired by the old pulp novels from the early 20th century. So if you enjoy nonstop action and witty banter, come along on an adventure with the Doc as he delivers two-fisted necromantic justice to all manner of paranormal foes. You can check out a sample of the first novelette, Red Runes, here.

You can pre-order Red Runes from Amazon here. Use the sidebar on this page to sign up for my newsletter for when this thrilling adventure is available!

Red Runes

Announcing SYNC

I’m proud to announce the latest installment in the Caulborn arc, SYNC:

When an omniscient demon corrupts the Chroniclers and taints time itself, it falls to Vincent Corinthos to set things right. Along the way, he’ll face deadly enemies who have plotted his death for years. Problem is, he hasn’t met any of them yet. Time travel is such a bitch…

SYNC is a 15,000 word short story and is available from Amazon and B&N.SyncCover



Free Virtual Autographs!

Hi Everyone

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100 Words on Revenge

Chuck Wendig’s having a flash fiction challenge over on his site. The rules? Write a 100 word story in any genre about revenge. Here’s my attempt:

Madame Lucinda turned the second to last card over. “I see you have suffered a loss.”

Frank wrung the faded CVI ball cap in his hands. “Yeah. Been at CVI twelve years, and that bitch fired me.”

She turned over the final card. “Ah, I see revenge.”

Frank smiled.

He paid for his reading and went outside. His boot caught on a crack in the sidewalk and he fell into the street, where he was crushed by a CVI truck. The ensuing investigation revealed that CVI condoned drug use for its drivers, and the management, including Frank’s boss, were imprisoned.

Guest Post From Suzy Turner

Please welcome Suzy Turner, author of the Raven Saga, a YA urban fantasy series.

Thanks for inviting me to be a guest, Nicholas. It’s fantastic to be here and in such good company.

Nicholas was recently a guest on my blog and he described beautifully what inspired him to write his series Caulborn, and so we thought it would be nice for me to tell you what was behind the idea for The Raven Saga.

In 2009 my husband, our close friends and I went on a three week holiday to Canada (Alberta and British Columbia to be specific). The moment we arrived, we were blown away by its utter magnitude and beauty. Everywhere we turned we were faced with the most dramatic scenery, and the friendliest people we’ve probably ever met. Needless to say, it was totally inspiring.

However, it wasn’t until we were passing through a place called Powell River on the BC coast, that my mind began to go into overdrive and all these wild ideas started to form.

Stopping in a car park, we took out some food and drink and went to sit on a little beach just out of the town to have a picnic. It was there that the initial idea for The Raven Saga first came about.

Scattered all over that little bay were huge pieces of driftwood, where we sat and ate, taking in our surroundings. Every now and then, fish would hop in and out of the water. We tried to get photos of them, but it proved a little difficult. We still don’t know what kind of fish they were.

As we looked ahead to the Pacific ocean, there were a few little islands off into the distance and behind us were lots of tall trees. It had an air of mystery to it. It was also a little eerie… at least that’s how my mind saw it.

I’m a Twilight fan and I started to have all kinds of ‘Twilightesque’ ideas. I realised it would be the perfect spot for supernatural beings to hide. Not just vampires and werewolves but different kinds of creatures like changelings too. Those ideas continued to form in my head until I was made redundant from my job as magazine editor in early 2010. It was like fate was trying to tell me something. It was telling me to follow my dream. To be an author. Thus The Raven Saga was born!


Thanks for stopping by, Suzy!

You can learn more about Suzy and the Raven Saga from Suzy’s site, her blog, and you can follow her on Twitter.  You can purchase Raven, the first book in the Raven Saga, from Amazon, B&N and Smashwords.


















On Following Paper Towels

Twitter’s been a great way for me to learn about new writers and their work. However, when I logged in the other night, I saw this in my “Who to Follow” section.

That’s right, Twitter wants me to follow Bounty paper towels.

I think Twitter’s a great way for companies to connect with their customers, but I’m having a hard time with this one. Twitter makes sense for a software company, because people can use Twitter as impromptu tech support. Twitter makes sense for products like Pepsi or Coke, because they use it to promote the concerts and other events they sponsor. Twitter even makes sense for things like WD-40, because they can use it to post tips on what you can do with the product.

But paper towels?

I can’t see a customer support situation there.


Bounty: Stay calm, sir. Now, grip the roll firmly and pull one paper towel off the roll.



I don’t see Bounty sponsoring anything, and if they’re planning a Bounty-palooza concert series, they’re being awfully quiet about it. (And if such a concert series does occur, I fully expect them to commission John Anealio to write them a theme song.)


As for tips? They’re. Freaking. Paper. Towels. You wipe stuff up with them, end of story.

So here are some things that I think Bounty could tweet about that would be fun:

  1. A video showing a person throwing rolls of Bounty into a swimming pool. The viewer who correctly guesses how many rolls will be needed to absorb the entire pool wins a year’s supply of Bounty products.
  2. A factoid telling us how long a roll of paper towels stretches if you unrolled it.
  3. In that same vein, how many rolls would you need to encircle the earth, or reach the moon?
  4. If lit on fire, how long would a roll of regular Bounty burn? What about the Extra Soft kind?
  5. How many rolls of Bounty would be needed to cushion the impact of a car hitting a brick wall, while traveling at 30 mph?
  6. How many rolls are needed to mop up all the blood in the human body? (Not asking for any particular reason, mind you.)

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Bounty.  I buy the stuff in bulk. But c’mon Twitter, unless they’re suddenly interested in printing my book on a roll of paper towels, I’m really not sure why you want me to follow them.