IMPERIUM (Caulborn #1)

Imperium Promo Vincent Corinthos has two things going for him: he’s a top operative of a secret agency tasked with handling paranormal threats, and he’s half-god. Normally that’s a combo that leaves him well-equipped to handle any problems that come his way.Until now. Something is snatching Boston’s most powerful paranormal entities right off the streets. Vampires, lycanthropes, fae, gremlins – no one is safe. No ransom notes, no bodies, no witnesses. Rumors swirl about a secret project that’s experimenting on paranormals.

Aided by a new partner and a hyperactive gremlin with an appetite for junk food, Vincent must find the missing paranormals before everything he cares about falls under the control of Project Imperium.


KRAMPUSNACHT (A Caulborn tie-in)

An 8,000 word collection of short stories, featuring:
Santa’s been kidnapped by his demonic ex-partner, Krampus! Can Gearstripper the gremlin and Jake the security guard free St. Nick in time for Christmas?
Time’s been frozen on Christmas Eve and two Chroniclers are dispatched to investigate. Find out what happens when they encounter someone dressed as super-hero Commander Courageous!
A mysterious figure known as Stranger Wolfram prepares to summon a creature from the pits of Hell on Christmas Eve. Will fortune teller Mrs. Rita stop him?amazonBuyButton

SYNC (A Caulborn tie-in)

Sync Promo When an omniscient demon corrupts the Chroniclers and taints time itself, it falls to Vincent Corinthos to set things right. Along the way, he’ll face deadly enemies who have plotted his death for years. Problem is, he hasn’t met any of them yet. Time travel is such a bitch…amazonBuyButton

PROMISE (Caulborn #2)

Promise Promo When gods fail to keep their promises there’s hell to pay. Literally. After a slip of the tongue, godling Vincent Corinthos is obligated to keep his partner, Megan, “fine” forever. Enter the Keepers, who fulfill promises for a fee. Vincent agrees to their bargain, but will Megan be the one who pays the price?amazonBuyButton

SHADOWS (Caulborn #3)

Shadows-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-Apple Four years ago, Caulborn agent Vincent Corinthos stopped a hellish ritual intended to transform Ulysses Pendleton into a creature of utter darkness. With Pendleton safely imprisoned in Ashgate Penitentiary, Vincent and the rest of the Caulborn figured the world was a little bit safer.

Until now. A catastrophic failure with the prison’s security systems sends Vincent and the rest of the Caulborn into Ashgate to try and prevent the inmates from escaping. They secure all but one. Pendleton.

Now, Vincent’s in a race against the clock to find Pendleton before he can finish the job he started four years ago, and smother Boston in shadows.amazonBuyButton

FRACTURES (Caulborn #4)

Fractures-2500x1563-Amazon-Smashwords-Kobo-Apple In 1854, Caulborn agents stopped an interdimensional warlord named Sakave from conquering our universe. With protective extradimensional barriers in place, Sakave’s attempted conquest is now little more than a note in the Caulborn’s archives.

That is, until the recent catastrophe at Ashgate Penitentiary weakened those barriers and made Sakave a threat again. Things get worse when Commander Courageous gives Vincent Corinthos a dangerous piece of advice, which fractures those barriers even further.

Tapped for a black ops mission to repair the damage, Vincent finds himself under the command of a man who doesn’t trust him, and allied with an enemy he hasn’t seen in four hundred years. If they succeed, Earth and the Caulborn might pull through unscathed. If they fail, life as we know it ends.amazonBuyButton

NIGHTFALL (Caulborn #5)

nightfall_800-cover-reveal-and-promotional-2 Vincent Corinthos has made his share of enemies. He’s squared off against diabolical megalomaniacs, shadow lords and intergalactic conquerors. And now he and the rest of Boston’s Caulborn have been targeted by a clan of vampiric assassins.

After suffering casualties and the destruction of their headquarters, the Caulborn are forced to temporarily retreat from our universe. As they lick their wounds, Vincent taps every resource he has to prepare a final, desperate counterstrike against the assassins.

Night is falling on Boston’s Caulborn. Will they survive to see the dawn?amazonBuyButton

TORMENT (Caulborn #6)

Torment-800 Cover reveal and Promotional The promise Vincent Corinthos made to Megan Hayes has been hanging over his head like the proverbial sword of Damocles. And now that sword has fallen. When Megan is murdered, Vincent gets a one-way trip to Hell, is cut off from his friends and followers, and will be locked away in a forgotten corner of the Pit.

All appears lost until a loophole is found in his promise, and Hades himself offers Vincent a way out: A demon that Vincent knows all too well is on the loose, and Hades wants him back. Vincent has just twenty-four hours to return his quarry to the Pit. If he succeeds, he’ll do what’s never been done before, and walk out of Hell scot-free. If he fails, he’ll spend the rest of his existence in eternal torment.amazonBuyButton

COURAGEOUS (Caulborn #7)

Courageous Cover Having done the impossible and walked out of Hell, Vincent Corinthos sets his sights on saving Megan and bringing down Treggen once and for all. Captured by rogue agents, Vincent finds himself cut off from agency support and must escape from HQ. As he prepares to rescue Megan, events take an unexpected turn when Vincent learns Treggen has stolen an amulet from a Caulborn vault – an amulet that Vincent has only ever known from comic books…

As Vincent squares off against Treggen one last time, prophecies will be fulfilled, former allies will betray Vincent, and the Caulborn agency itself will turn on him. With only a few of his friends to rely on, and most of his powers gone, Vincent will have to be more than just clever — he’ll need to be Courageous.amazonBuyButton

Doc Graystone and the Red Runes

Red Runes Boston, 1932. The police are baffled by a series of killings in which mystical runes have been carved into the victims’ flesh. Desperate for help, they turn to Doc Graystone.
Graystone quickly finds there’s more than murder afoot as he runs afoul of demons, revenants and ragmen. But when he learns the very fate of the world is at stake, can the gentleman necromancer stop the diabolical Runemaster in time?amazonBuyButton

Doc Graystone: A Watery Grave

A Watery Grave Boston, 1932. Doc Graystone is contacted to evaluate security at a paranormal prison built by the U.S. Navy. Before he can begin, a hydromancer assassinates a naval officer to obtain information about the prison. Now Graystone has to track her down before she can break out a prisoner Graystone knows all too well…amazonBuyButton

Doc Graystone and the Masks of Mayhem

Masks of Mayhem Mexico City, 1932. Doc Graystone’s tropical vacation is cut short when brutes wearing magical masks hijack a truck full of gold. Graystone’s investigation leads him to an archeological site where he uncovers the truth behind the masks’ power. If Graystone isn’t able to stop a crime lord from using this power to complete an ancient ritual, a new level of evil will be unleashed on the world.amazonBuyButton

Doc Graystone and the Jewel of Shambhala

Jewel-of-Shambhala The Himalayas, 1932. Doc Graystone is summoned to a remote temple in the mountains to battle a terrifying undead known as a jiangshi. Upon arriving, Graystone learns the temple is actually the entrance to the legendary city of Shambhala, home to a jewel that promises the world’s salvation – and the jiangshi’s true objective. If our hero can’t stop the jiangshi, both the temple and the world are doomed.amazonBuyButton

Doc Graystone vs. The Crimson Mantis

The-Crimson-Mantis Boston, 1932. A mysterious figure called the Crimson Mantis is stealing priceless treasures by transforming men into insects. It’s up to Doc Graystone, gentleman necromancer, to stop her!amazonBuyButton

The Doc Graystone Collection

DocGraystone-Collection-3D Get Red Runes, A Watery Grave, Masks of Mayhem, The Jewel of Shambhala and The Crimson Mantis in a single, thrilling volume!amazonBuyButton

20 Responses to Books

  1. Johannes ohlund says:

    will it be any audiobooks in this serie (Caulborn)?
    sorry I got dyslexia

  2. Ben says:

    Thinking about getting the 1st book on audio. But if tye rest of the series isnt going to be done there is no point. Any word on when or if we can expect to see the next one

    • Nicholas says:

      Hi Ben – Promise will be available as an audiobook by the end of the month, and Shadows should be available by the end of July. Stay tuned!

  3. Fraser says:

    Hi Nicholas,
    Thanks for getting Vincent Corinthos into audiobook form! They are fantastic, the narrator is brilliant. Keep them coming, your style is very inspirational (the geek injection).

  4. LeEric says:

    I just finished Shadows on audiobook and I have to say that I love this series. I can’t wait for the next one. Do you know when Fractures will be available on audiobook?

  5. Cameron says:

    Will their be a caulborn 5?

    • Nicholas says:

      Hi Cameron

      Yes – Caulborn 5 is being edited now, and should be available later this month/early January. Stay tuned!

  6. Cameron says:

    Sweet this series is at the top of my list with the series I am number four by pittacus lore. You are an awesome author and write some great stuff.

  7. Cameron says:

    Will their be a caulborn 7?

    • Nicholas says:

      Hi Cameron

      Yes, there will be one final Caulborn novel. I’m hoping to have it ready by the end of the year/beginning of next year. Stay tuned!

  8. Cameron says:

    Also, when will the audible for books 5 and 6 be out?

    • Nicholas says:

      Book 5 has been recorded and uploaded to Audible, I’m just waiting for them to approve it, which should be any day now. Ian McEuen will start recording book 6 mid-July, so it should be available sometime in September.

  9. Jason says:

    Finished book caulborn book 6, looking forward to book 7 audio book.

    • Nicholas says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Jason! Book 7 is at the editor now, and the audiobook will be available early next year (probably sometime in February). Stay tuned!

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