Caulborn 5, NIGHTFALL, is being formatted right now and should be available later this month. In the meantime, here’s the cover & blurb.

nightfall_800-cover-reveal-and-promotional-2Vincent Corinthos has made his share of enemies. He’s squared off against diabolical megalomaniacs, shadow lords and intergalactic conquerors. And now he and the rest of Boston’s Caulborn have been targeted by a clan of vampiric assassins.

After suffering casualties and the destruction of their headquarters, the Caulborn are forced to temporarily retreat from our universe. As they lick their wounds, Vincent taps every resource he has to prepare a final, desperate counterstrike against the assassins.

Night is falling on Boston’s Caulborn. Will they survive to see the dawn?


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2 Responses to NIGHTFALL Revealed!

  1. Jason says:

    Cant wait for the audio book!

    • Nicholas says:

      The amazing Ian McEuen has finished recording NIGHTFALL and we’ve submitted it to Audible. It usually takes about a week for Audible to review & approve, so hopefully by the end of June it’ll be available. Stay tuned!

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