6 iPad Apps for Writers

If you got a shiny new iPad for Christmas, you’re probably looking for some writer-type apps. Here are several that I use. Click on the app’s name to learn more:

CleanWriter – I’m big on distraction-free environments when I’m trying to pound out words. This little app gives you a clean writing environment. Turn on the Hacker theme and you get the old school green-screen word processor feel.

Notability – this is the end-all be-all of note taking apps. It lets you handwrite notes, type, take audio recordings, insert drawings or photos and more. Perfect for your story bible or research notebook.

OneNote – If you’re a Microsoft Office 2010 user and OneNote is your story bible/research notebook of choice, you can’t go wrong with this one. It’ll synch with the OneNote notebooks on your PC so your data will always stay current.

Storyist – The closest thing to Scrivener that I can find for the iPad. Storyist gives you the ability to create notecard-based outlines and then write out the text of your manuscript. It also has templates for character sheets, settings and more.

DropBox – This is essentially a folder out in cyberspace where you can toss your files and then access them from any device. So write some notes in Notability or jot off a scene in CleanWriter and then send it off your PC or Mac via DropBox. All the apps listed above have an option to sync with DropBox (except for OneNote, which uses SkyDrive from Microsoft). This’ll also backup your files to the could automatically, in case your iPad has an unfortunate encounter with your toddler.

Pandora – I usually don’t listen to music when I write, but I know there are a ton of people who do. Pandora gives you a personalized, streaming radio station tailored to your unique musical tastes.

Are there other iPad apps you use when writing? Sound off in the comments.

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6 Responses to 6 iPad Apps for Writers

  1. Rob Cornell says:

    I need to get the iPad first. 🙂 I’m more likely to get the Kindle Fire simply because of price. But if I become rich off my writing…. 🙂

    • Nicholas says:

      The Fire looks cool, but I was playing around with one in Staples the other day and I’m not sure how easy it’d be to type on – the screen is smaller than the iPad’s. It looks like a cool little device just the same. 🙂

  2. Lindsay B says:

    I got one an ipad recently, too, and I’m still looking for an app that will let me edit Word docs. Maybe OneNote?

    I don’t write my own stuff in Word, but that’s what people send me when they have stories for me to critique and I prefer not to do that at the computer. I’ve been doing it on my kindle, but the iPad keyboard would certainly be nicer to use.

    • Nicholas says:

      Hi Lindsay – I don’t think OneNote will let you view Word docs. I’ve heard of an app called Pages that should let you do that, but I haven’t tried it.

  3. Jon Mac says:

    Those look like some very useful apps. I just may have to add an iPad to the wish list!

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