The Writer’s Media Kit

I’ve been doing a bunch of guest posts for IMPERIUM’s book tour, and I found I was emailing out the same information over and over again to each person on the tour. So I finally got smart and put all the commonly requested info into a zip file that I could just attach to an email.

Here’s what my kit includes:

  • Author bio (including website, Twitter handle and other social media info)
  • Author photo
  • Book cover art
  • Book excerpt
  • Book blurb
  • Links where people can buy the book

I took all those items and used 7-zip to create a zip file. You can use other tools, but I’ve found 7-zip gives the best compression. Plus it’s free, which is always a good thing.

Now, when a blogger or reviewer asks me for information around my book, I can just shoot off my trusty media kit and be confident that they’ve got all the info they’ll need.

If you’re a writer, what other bits of info do you include in your media kits? If you’re a reviewer or blogger, are there other things you often ask writers for? Sound off in the comments.

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One Response to The Writer’s Media Kit

  1. Jon Mac says:

    That’s a good idea putting everything together in a zip file like that. I also made a press release that includes most of those things in a .pdf file, but it would be good to have the high quality photo and artwork separately, too.

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