Tracking Clicks in Bitly

Everyone who has a website has a way to track the number of times a page was viewed. But what about those times when you link to something that’s not on your site? For example, when you direct folks to where you can buy your book on Amazon, B&N or Smashwords? I didn’t have a good way to track those sorts of things until I learned about bitly. Most of you are familiar with bitly as a URL shortener that’s used with Twitter. But you can make bitly links for anything, and once you’ve created a bitly link you can track how many times it’s been clicked.

All you need to do is take your original bitly URL and add a + to the end of it. For example, I use bitly links on my website & Twitter when I show folks where they can buy IMPERIUM. The bitly link for Amazon is By typing into my browser’s address bar I get this page which shows me how often it’s been clicked and where the clicks are coming from.





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  1. Lindsay B says:

    This is something I used to do with Twitter links (though I’ve been lazy about it now that they shorten links automatically for you), and it’s always interesting to see how many clicks things get.

    I’ve thought about doing it with the book links on my site, too, but I’m not sure I want to know how many people click and *don’t* buy, haha. I am, of course, able to track how many sales originate from my blog since I use affiliate links. It’s actually a lot less than you might think (for me, maybe 30 sales a month…out of 2,000ish sales at Amazon). While I don’t plan to give up my blog any time soon it’s interesting to realize that most sales just come from people surfing around the Amazon store.

    BTW, if you’re ever interested in doing a guest post on tracking links or book sales or something of this ilk, let me know. I’ve been too lazy to do it. 😛 We can definitely plug your book if you’re game!



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