Local Legend: The Dover Demon

When people think about the supernatural in New England, the Salem Witch trials and haunted houses are usually on the top of their list. (Those, and Stephen King.)  But there are a ton of other legends and oddities in New England that aren’t related to witchcraft. One of those is the Dover Demon.

The story goes that on the night of April 21, 1977, three teen boys were driving along when one of them saw a something sitting on a stone wall. When the car’s headlights hit the creature’s eyes, they glowed bright orange. At first, the driver thought the creature was a cat or a dog, but then it turned toward him. He saw that the creature had an egg-shaped head, and long, spindly arms and fingers. It had no hair, and no nose, mouth or ears from what the driver could see.

Around midnight that same evening, the creature was seen by another pair of boys walking home. Their description matches that of the boys in the car, and they said that the creature ran on two legs and fled into the nearby woods. They followed the creature, and found it standing with its fingers wrapped around a tree and its toes curled around a rock. One of the witnesses said that the creature stared at him with faintly glowing eyes and he had the impression that it was thinking to itself, or perhaps preparing to spring. They fled the woods in a panic.

The next night, the creature was seen by a teen boy and girl who were driving home. The girl claims she saw a creature like the one the boys described, perched on the side of the road. The only discrepancy here is that the girl claims the creature had glowing green eyes, not orange.

After that third sighting, the creature was never seen again.

All of the teens who saw the creature were asked to draw a picture of what they’d seen. Here’s what one of them came up with:

Dover Demon, courtesy of Wikipedia

Some people say that the teens were playing a prank, and that the Dover Demon is nothing but a hoax. Others say that the teens actually saw a young moose. Experts say that the Dover Demon bears a resemblance to gray aliens or other Native American mythological creatures, but they can’t do more than speculate. The police who took the teens’ statements say that we’ll probably never know what the Dover Demon really was.

But Vincent Corinthos and the Caulborn know. Check out IMPERIUM if you’d like to learn more.

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