Urban Fantasy Writing Prompt – Rare Minerals

One of the things I love about urban fantasy is how it can be used to explain conspiracy theories and other unexplained phenomenon. For example, Chris Farnsworth’s The President’s Vampire does a nice job of telling what happened both to JFK and John Wilkes Booth. But stories don’t have to deal with a national threat to be interesting. I came across this article about rare minerals on Wired.com, and found it to be a goldmine of writerly potential (yes, pun intended). It’s not because the article has any earth-shattering info; instead the article tosses out some interesting factoids about each mineral’s discovery (or disappearance). There are almost no properties listed for these minerals, or what they could be used for. That means it’s open season for someone with a little imagination.

So, here’s a little writing exercise for you – pick one of the minerals listed and use it as the focal point of a short story. It can be something like “Wawayandaite is 300% more deadly to fae than iron, and a group of renegade Druids is about to turn on their former fae allies” or “Tugtupite is the most powerful aphrodisiac for Chupacabras, and someone’s been dumping it in large quantities, causing the Chupacabra population to increase and they’re now openly attacking humans.”

Have fun, and if you’d like, feel free to throw your idea out in the comments to inspire others!





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